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Pain Doesn't Have to be a Normal Way of Life

Massage is widely accepted as the perfect way to de-stress after working hard, or a busy lifestyle.

Manchester Massage – the therapy centre of choice in Manchester

In a world which is fast paced and with all the pressures that come with it both affecting our work and personal lives, it is essential to find a place where for an hour or two you can escape the pressures. Finding a pleasant and peaceful massage salon in the midst of such challenging situations and take some “me time” strictly for yourself, is essential. Here in the centre of the Northern Quarter, Manchester Massage Therapy Centre answers those needs.

Clients visit our website to re-charge their batteries, to seek remedial massages, or to share quality time with a partner for a couples massage. Our highly trained and experienced massage therapists in Manchester offer 15 massage treatments to add some calm, to soothe, and go towards repairing the damage of 21st Century life. A Manchester massage can be the quick solution clients need and it makes us the most popular massage salon in Manchester.

Placed so conveniently in the Northern Quarter where we are only a matter of moments on foot from the city centre, clients can call after work or even during their lunch hour, between business meetings, or on a day dedicated to personal wellbeing.

Massage bookings are made on the hour and contact time for your massage treatment  in Manchester lasts for 50 minutes, allowing for you to dress and take a drink of water to re-hydrate before you leave us. If you are fortunate enough to be able to book for two-hour sessions, then you can look forward to more intense destressing from our wonderful Manchester masseuses. All of our massage therapists are female, an important factor for some female clients, and all are highly qualified in their areas of specialisation. Clients are able to book a therapist by name when making their appointment if they have a regular masseuse whose professional style they prefer.

Discover this sanctuary in Manchester for your therapeutic or relaxing massage. Massage treatments available cover a wide range of therapies and include Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Body Scrub Massage. Check our massage and chiropractor page for even more options. We have specialist sports and deep tissue massage therapists who treat both amateur and professional sports people in the region.

In the 5 years since its inception, Manchester Massage, as part of Vita Beauty Salon Ltd, has consistently set itself the highest standards, which have been recognised by Treatwell and other industry bodies, as Top Rated. The expectation of our clients is to benefit from a first-class massage in a comfortable environment, delivered by the best massage therapists in Manchester.

Clients are invited to arrive 10 minutes before their appointment time so that they can complete their Treatment Form, to ensure that the massage chosen is suitable in the light of any medical conditions.

We offer many alternative massage therapy treatments from different disciplines, including Thai Massage, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and a Foot Massage based on principles of reflexology. Our full service listings give a brief description of each service for your massage in Manchester.

For thousands of years, massage has been recognised by different cultures around the world, as treatments that give a number of benefits. Whether you are aiming to improve your general sense of wellbeing, to improve long-term conditions such as stiffness, aches or pains in muscles and joints, by adding a massage in Manchester to your preparations for a sporting event, or just to relax, we offer a therapy treatment which will help you. Our Massage therapists in Manchester are talented and experienced. Join our regular clientele and discover what massage treatments can do for you.


Please Note: Customer care and satisfaction are our prime concerns. Clients who are currently pregnant, postpartum, or who have some medical conditions and ongoing treatments should be aware that not all massages are suitable for them. We do not offer pregnancy massages. Clients are advised to take into account any medical issues which could be adversely affected by massage therapy and should consult their medical practitioner for advice.

Massage Services

Manchester Massage In the finest location in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

The most popular salon in Manchester

In an easily found location at the hub of the Northern Quarter in Manchester, a wide selection of massage services awaits you. You can look forward to a restored sense of relaxation or benefit from a therapeutic massage, brought to you by our highly-trained masseuses.

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Manchester Massage With an extensive range of massages plus so many and varied beauty and aesthetic treatments available

Beauty Treatments at Manchester Massage too!

This is the massage therapy centre with even more to offer. In addition to our range of massages in Manchester, we are also able to bring our clients a selection of beauty treatments including facials, microdermabrasion, and other body treatments. Book online via our website. If you have any questions about our beauty treatments call us on 07415 831 969, or check our Instagram page, or find us on Facebook page

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Manchester Massage Our specialist masseuses are available across the range of massage therapies, including Thai Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Full Body Massage, Sports Massage and more

Enjoy our extensive range of treatments

With our wide selection of therapies, clients can choose their massage from favourites such as Thai Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Full Body Massage, Sports Massage and more. Please take a look at the all massages we offer, so that you can fully appreciate the options available.

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Everybody Loves Us

See what our customers are saying

Jo and Ryan Walters

Very friendly atmosphere here, I felt welcomed from the moment we arrived. My partner and I had booked a couples massage for a treat and we really got 5* treatments from the friendly staff. Recommended to all my friends since we were there.

14 Jul 2024

Geoff Adams

I liked the whole experience. I don’t get to enjoy a massage too often but Elli was great. Very considerate asking about areas I wanted concentrated on and taking directions on those areas and pressure. Excellent and thank you!

11 Jul 2024

Amanda Barden

Really relaxing hot stones massage from JoJo, I think I actually fell asleep at one point I was so relaxed! Lovely therapist who really looked after me.

07 Jul 2024

Kay Clifford

Professional staff who take time to check everything is as you want it, pressure etc. Plus advice on stretches and aftercare between sessions. I love coming here and leave looking forward to next month’s appointment!

03 Jul 2024

Adrian Hooper

Fantastic sports massage with genuine trained sports therapists here. Always get me sorted out.

27 Jun 2024

Bryony Collins

My default setting for a massage when I am tired and stressed, all the staff are very welcoming and the treatments are always just what I need.

22 Jun 2024

Douglas Herring

What can you say about the best place in Manchester for a massage? Never had anything but a good one yet! Thanks all!

19 Jun 2024

Emily Southward

Booked two treatments, a massage first to relax and then a luxury facial. I felt brilliant when I left and I have had several compliments on my skin since the treatment. I shall make this my favourite place for both in the future.

16 Jun 2024

Josie Kennell

I came on the off chance for a deep tissue massage sorting out some aches and pains, I left after seeing Kelly feeling fantastic and not an ache left!! She really is an incredible therapist!! Many thanks Kelly!

13 Jun 2024

Yvonne Hanson

Loads of reasons to go to Manchester Massage, I have been coming here for 18 months and always come away feeling better after a top massage. Best place in Manchester by far.

10 Jun 2024
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