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Acne is a problem which the majority of people suffer from at some point during their lifetime; it is not solely a skin problem for teenagers but affects all ages. The symptoms can exhibit from small occasional outbreaks through to painful cystic spots, clients with acne often also have skin which has blackheads and congestion. If you are suffering from acne, perhaps with oily skin and blackheads and long for a clearer, fresher and healthier skin, then laser treatment can be your answer.

Our Lynton Clinic trained therapists will discuss your individual requirements during your initial free consultation and if you are experiencing active acne with spots and blackheads, will usually advise a three-stage programme. You may choose to do all the stages or prefer to take one or two sessions depending on the grade of the acne. In most instances, we treat acne with our award-winning Lynton Laser Intense Pulsed Light system: The Lynton LUMINA.

The light emitted from the LUMINA IPL system directly targets over-active sebaceous glands, which will greatly reduce the overall number and severity of active lesions; also lessening inflammation and the frequency of break-outs. The light stimulates the production of new collagen which improves skin texture whilst also reducing the appearance of red marks that are often associated with acne breakouts.

This will depend on what has been prescribed for you, but below gives you an indication of cost

Products £25- £60

Murad Blemish facial or aha £65 each (3-5 recommended)

Led Lights – £65 each (4-8 recommended)

Ipl – £45 – £120 each (4-6 recommended)