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What is Deep Tissue Massage and Why Should You Need?

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 06 Jan

Although therapeutic and beneficial many massages compared to deep tissue massage can be quite superficial in comparison.  One of the reasons you should consider this type of invigorating massage is because other not as invasive treatments have not given the extent of pain relief that you were expecting or hoping for. The higher intensity sport […]

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Why The Aromatherapy Massage Is A Treat For The Senses

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 22 Dec

A massage is essential for those in need of relaxation and pain relief but if you are looking for a treatment that offers something more, the incredible aromatherapy massage may be the perfect option. Along with the general massage strokes this treatment also incorporates essential oils and scents to enhance the feeling of relaxation even […]

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Why Taking A Massage Is Good For You

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 24 Nov

For many of those already committed to receiving a massage treatment, Manchester Massage are two word that signify wellness. Whether you are tense and stressed at work and so it is your emotional wellness which is your chief concern, or you need a qualified therapist to look after your aches and pains, the therapies on […]

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Massage to Help Manage Lower Back Pain

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 15 Nov

Lower back pain is one of the most common issues with people who work at a desk all day, who lift heavy objects or suffer due to an injury. There are many forms of massage which can relieve pain and stress, especially when targeted right at the source for quick relief and incredible long lasting […]

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Why Forward Looking Companies Provide Massage

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 11 Nov

With the number of employees suffering from work related issues, both physical and stress disorders, it is in the interests of the business as a whole and essentially for the workforce, to help alleviate these negative effects. One way that progressive local companies are looking at the situation, is by offering massage sessions at Manchester […]

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Your First Therapy at Manchester Massage


Ensuring that the massage therapy you choose is the right one for you when you have never had a massage before, or possibly have not had one for many months, is very important. Understanding that your body may not be used to the massage techniques that will be employed by the therapist during different types […]

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Massage to Help Relieve Chronic Neck Pain

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 28 Jun

Neck pain is quite a common occurrence for many people, whether you are constantly looking at a computer screen at work, due to an injury or simply due to age and tiring muscles. Sometimes the pain will disappear by itself but if it persists, then it is essential that you find a treatment that is […]

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Massage Promotes Relaxation

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 19 Apr

Relaxation can be hard to come by for some, especially if you have a stressful job or home life. However, a regular massage service has increased in popularity over the years due to its relaxing and healing properties that many clients love. A massage treatment is known to provide pain relief, reduce muscle aches and […]

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Relieving Muscle Tension By Massage

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 05 Apr

When your muscles are feeling achy and tired, they often have a build up of tension and a massage treatment is highly effective to relax the muscles. There is a selection of massages here at Manchester Massage that are focused solely on improving the mobility and flexibility in the muscles with various techniques used for […]

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Reducing Chemotherapy Related Nausea Through Massage

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 22 Mar

Cancer patients often have a regular chemotherapy session which is effective in treating some cancers but unfortunately it comes with various side effects including nausea. There has been a lot of research to find out how best to combat these side effects and a massage treatment has been proven to be highly beneficial. Massage help […]

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