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10 reasons to choose traditional Thai massages

10 reasons to choose traditional Thai massages POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 31 Aug

With a wealth of massages available in Manchester and indeed at Manchester Massage there is an extensive menu of treatments from the Swedish Massage and its variants such as Aromatherapy Massage, through to the Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Massage and the Sports Massage at this salon. The Asian therapies which are popular at this top-rated massage salon include the Indian Head Massage and of course, the Traditional Thai Massage. Given the wide choice available, clients wonder why they might choose the Thai style massage rather than any of the alternatives. There are many reasons:

  1. It’s great for relieving joint pain
  2. Loosening the muscles
  3. The rhythmic pressure goes deep
  4. One of the best for lowering stress
  5. As an energy booster
  6. Better at lessening mental tension than just resting
  7. Increases circulation
  8. A 2015 research showed that it is effective against persistent headaches
  9. Improves the range of motion and flexibility
  10. Fights fatigue

In fact, this list is just the beginning! Ask any regular client of Thai massages and they will speak of the sense of wellbeing, rejuvenation and increased energy that they experience. Whether you choose this type of massage for its stress-busting affect, or because of the improvement to circulation important to everyone, but of particular relevance to athletes at one level and to diabetics at another, these dynamic stretches are the source of many health benefits!