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A Treat for the Senses: Why the Aromatherapy Massage is a Post-Lockdown Must Get

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 04 Mar

The Aromatherapy Massage and its cosmopolitan cousin the Herbal Compress, offer something a little more special than your average massage option. As human beings we are sensory creatures, relying on the combinations of our five senses in order to experience the world.

The average massage addresses our sense of touch, relaxing the body and the mind through comforting and skilled applications of pressure and muscle manipulation. Through the many versions of massage therapy a skilled masseuse can assist with a whole list of ailments, but by combining the theories of aromatherapy with the soft touch of a massage, the results can be truly astounding.

Where did I smell this Before?

Our sense of smell is powerful, a true paragon in its ability to affect not only our memory, but our moods and even our bodily functions. The right scent can have a calming effect, relaxing an individual completely, or an energising one, helping that same individual to perk up and become more alert. The brain is a confusing organ and with the right combination of oils and herbs, we can manipulate its make up in order to assist in a whole host of possible outcomes.

Let out the Lockdown Blues

A good aromatherapy massage is the ideal way to release and deal with those lockdown blues that have been plaguing you. Think of it like opening a window and letting the fresh air in after all this time. With the right blend of scents alongside the skilled ministrations of a masseuse here at Manchester Massage, you could well kiss goodbye to lockdown the best way possible.

Scent and Sensibility

There are no lack of scent options to choose from here at Manchester Massage, with our masseuse being ready and willing to offer you everything from Arnica oil through to eucalyptus. But what scents do what, and what should you choose?

Arnica Oil

This lovely little option is ideal for helping with bumps and bruises. Sinking deep into the skin Arnica Oil reduces swelling, decreases pain and even acts as a mild antibiotic. A drop or two could really help with that old injury.

Peppermint and Citrus Oils

Option two is all about energy. By adding these oils and scents to your massage you can cut back on that fatigue and lethargy that has set in from those long days in lockdown. Re-energise yourself and leave feeling like a new person


Give yourself a lift after all this time with some geranium. Perfect for relaxation and lifting a darkened mood, this scent is ideal for those who have been feeling a little overwhelmed by it all.

Lavender, Clary Sage and Sandalwood

This trio are the ultimate in stress reduction and calming. Great for those who want an escape, these scents can help you to calm your nerves and prepare you for what comes next.

Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

Stuffed up from so long indoors? These two oils will help to clear your sinuses, offering you the decongestants that will stop people looking at you strangely. In a world where the common cold is so often mistaken for a deadly virus, clearing out those airways is a must do.

Ylang Ylang

 Last but by no means least comes a scent with a strange little effect. Described by many as lifting the spirits, the use of ylang ylang is supposed to help stimulate joy, an effect that we all sorely need in these trying times. Banish the Blues for good and take a breath. Maybe this is just the lift you need.

The Big Why

Now that we finally have an end date on the horizon it comes as a surprise to no-one that the majority of us are wary. We’ve been through this before, what’s different? So why not make the most of this bit of fresh air and book yourself an aromatherapy massage at Manchester Massage. Let yourself enjoy the end of yet another lockdown and relax at last. Your mind and your body will thank you. Even better, those scents will stick to you, giving everyone, you meet a blast of comfort, who could ask for more?