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Certain Types Of Massage Can Help You Sleep Better


According to various studies, mainly in America insufficient sleep can help lead to various medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases,  obesity and depression.  This just highlights how important sleep is to us for our general well being.  Lack of sleep is obviously responsible for many accidents that occur at home on the roads and at work.

There is extensive research showing that massage can help with problems surrounding not being able to sleep. In general regular massage has been found to be helpful in reducing anxiety and depression improving sleep quality.  This is thought to help due to the release of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter  which helps induce a feeling of calmness. Sleep patterns can also be interrupted by pain and massage can be used as a therapy to reduce pain.

massages that could help in situations of insomnia  

Any massage that helps you to relax and relieves stress and anxiety is a useful tool when it comes to trying to get a good night sleep. Shiatsu massage is reputed to be one of the best massages to reduce stress and anxiety levels and therefore fits the bill where it comes to aiding sleep.  Aromatherapy massage is also a useful way to reduce stress and anxiety levels thus helping relax and calm you, thus aiding sleep. 

Essential oils are used in this type of massage so the introduction of lavender oil may help, as it has been shown to slow down the heart, lower blood pressure and put the nervous system into a slower state, technically known as parasympathetic .  Deep tissue massage could also be beneficial as could its gentler cousin Swedish massage as they both aid relaxation. If pain is a problem these two forms of massage can help there.