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Deep Tissue Massage Manchester

Deep Tissue Massage Manchester POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 05 Aug

How many times do we complain about an aching back, or the tension that has built up in the neck and shoulder area and say to ourselves – I wish I could have a good massage! You know that it is going to make all the difference and if you check out Manchester Massage and book online, our highly skilled and experienced Manchester Massage masseuses will give you the relief that you need. With ongoing pain, it is a deep tissue massage Manchester clients need, that will get to the root of the problem. The knots and the lesions in the soft tissue lie at a deeper level within the muscle mass and so it is the deeper pressure, use of the heel of the hand, forearm, and even elbows which has toreach and break them down and treat these musculoskeletal issues. The slow, deep strokes focus on the inner layers of the muscles as well as the connective tissues. It may also help promote faster healing. Because the massage increases blood flow and reduces inflammation, this in itself will promote this process.

The results

But after getting a deep tissue massage, Manchester clients generally tell us that they not only feel better physically but also experience psychological benefits. The deep tissue massage technique that our talented Manchester Massage therapists offer, helps to relieve the muscle pain and improve the stiffness in the body that comes with it, but also realize that their posture is immediately improved as they are no longer compensating for the injury. But it also helps you unwind mentally, too, as you are no longer brought down by the constant nagging effect of the pain itself, and the lowering of your mood. A study as far back as 2014 likened the effect of a thorough deep tissue massage treatment to the relief given by Ibuprofen.

How the Manchester massage therapist will look after you

After completing the treatment form, your deep tissue massage therapist massage will want to discuss your problem areas. She will then give you a full body massage before she focusses on the problem area/areas. Lying on your back or stomach, under a sheet or towel, undressed to your pants, or the level of undress you are comfortable with. Please bear in mind that the area being worked on will need to be clear for the masseuse to work freely. Warm up the muscles using a lighter touch initially to help relax them, once warmed up work can begin on the problem or injured areas. This will involve deep kneading combined with long strokes with varying amounts of pressure being applied. Because of the intensity of the treatment, it is normal to possibly experience some soreness in the following few days, a warm bath will help.

Please note:

Any deep tissue massage for patients suffering from blood clots or a clotting disorder and taking blood thinners, or who have a bleeding disorder, cancer and/or undergoing cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation, and those who may be pregnant, should not have a deep tissue massage.