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Discover Intense Relaxation With Four Hands Massage

Discover Intense Relaxation With Four Hands Massage POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 22 Sep

Many clients love a regular massage such as a Swedish massage or back, neck and shoulder massage but if you are feeling extra stressed and are looking for something stronger, you should check out the amazing four hands massage Manchester! This treatment not only requires the use of two expert therapists instead of one but is certain to leave you in a complete state of bliss and fully switched off after this truly luxurious service. The two therapists apply synchronised movements simultaneously along the body so the brain is unable to keep up with the motion which helps you to feel much calmer and stress free.

There are many benefits that come with a four hands massage near you and due to the use of two therapists, the treatment is much more intense and deeply relaxing than if it was performed by just one. This is one of the most therapeutic massages available and although it is slightly more expensive as there are two four hand massage therapists, it is certainly worth it for the feeling of complete relaxation in both body and mind!
The benefits include:

• Intense relaxation
• stress relief
• looser muscles
• increased circulation
• reduced inflammation
• improved mobility and flexibility
• better sleep patterns

Each four hands massage in Manchester is tailored to each client with the help of an assessment prior to the session to ensure you receive the best possible results for your body. Some clients may require specific attention on an area of aching muscles or common back pain and so the other therapist will perform distracting movements elsewhere so the muscles in need offer less resistance. The four hands massage offers double the benefits for your body so find the perfect venue for you and discover relaxation like nothing you’ve ever felt before! Book an appointment today and enjoy a new experience which leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged.