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Massage Can Help Treat Depression

Massage Can Help Treat Depression POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 27 Nov

Not all instances of depression have the same  symptoms  but consist of a feeling of emotional dejection and can manifest itself in numerous different ways. A feeling of anxiousness or emptiness could lead to a loss of interest in normal hobbies or activities. If not treated depression could lead to other chronic illnesses or disorders such as arthritis, asthma diabetes and cardiovascular disorders amongst other things. 

The most effective massages for depression are ones that help combat anxiety and stress  and this can complement existing medication. If the symptoms decrease over a period of time then maybe the medication could be decreased accordingly.

Massages that could be  helpful  in case of depression  

The massage that appears to be recommended most to help tackle depression is the traditional Swedish massage with its gentle fluid strokes. This is general seems to be the most common massage as it is beneficial for stress, anxiety and general aches and pains.  The application of an Aromatherapy massage using essential oil is one that is very well suited to stress related conditions and helps relieve anxiety, making it a suitable complimentary treatment for depression. 

Shiatsu is very much acupuncture without needles. Its  consists of targeted figure pressure  brought to bear on the acupuncture meridians  and helps the body to regain its balance. Done by a trained therapist it has a relaxing and energizing effect  relieving stress and anxiety,  as well as giving a general feeling of wellbeing which in turn helps relieve a state of depression.  No matter what massage you decide having you should feel much better after it putts you in a more positive frame of mind. Find More details –