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Massage Therapy For Postoperative Pain Relief

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 06 Sep

After a serious operation there are positive benefits to having therapeutic massage treatment to relieve both pain and anxiety during the recovery period. Using massage an adjuvant therapy compliment. The use of pharmaceutical pain relief medicine  may not take away all the pain and a well directed massage could give further relief. Additionally the over use of medication could bring on side effects that complicate the healing process and delays full recovery. Massage can play a big part if used as an alternative complimentary  treatment

The most effective massage for postoperative pain relief

There is a certain amount of evidence that a properly applied foot massage can be affective in some cases after a major operation. Other methods that are also effective is Japanese Shiatsu, Swedish massage and medical massage.  These therapies  would be in conjunction with pain control medication. These massage techniques also help relieve stress and anxiety which are other ingredients to a full and speed recovery.