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Massages That Are Likely To Manage Blood Pressure

Massages That Are Likely To Manage Blood Pressure POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 25 Feb

It is a proven and measurable fact that various massage therapies lowers blood pressure bring a whole host of other benefits. Managing blood pressure is an important way of reducing the risk of heart disease. You blood pressure levels are also a good indicator as to where your stress levels are.

The knock on effect is significant, reduce stress and anxiety and you manage blood pressure which is good for the heart. It is suggested by some studies that a regular massage regime may help calm the sympathetic nervous system which is the mechanism that raises the blood pressure in response to stress.

Massage lowers blood pressure

Deep tissue massage has been proven in studies to reduce blood pressure as well as relieving stress and anxiety. This type of massage is pretty vigorous and is brilliant for improving circulation which in turn helps reduce blood pressure. However, if you are new to massage or are sensitive to pressure then this may not be an option. Swedish massage is often a preferred option being similar to deep tissue but the practitioner uses gentler strokes to achieve their goals. It relieves all sorts of tension and stimulates blood circulation, thus reducing blood pressure.

Hot stone massage is also similar to Swedish massage but incorporates the use of heated stones. This is a very effective way of improving blood circulation, reducing blood pressure and consequently relieving stress. A traditional Thai  is also a superb way of improving circulation and managing blood pressure levels it also helps flexibility and energy levels.