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Reducing Chemotherapy Related Nausea Through Massage

Reducing Chemotherapy Related Nausea Through Massage POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 22 Mar

Cancer patients often have a regular chemotherapy session which is effective in treating some cancers but unfortunately it comes with various side effects including nausea. There has been a lot of research to find out how best to combat these side effects and a massage treatment has been proven to be highly beneficial. Massage help improve feelings of depression and mood changes in clients due to its relaxation properties.It is also proven that it can reduce the feelings of nausea and pain which are so common with cancer patients dealing with chemotherapy. There is a selection of massages available at Manchester Massage which are known to be the best services to help provide relief for these clients.

The Swedish massage is the most popular treatment for cancer patients as it offers long, relaxing strokes down the body which combat the nausea and also offers the additional benefit of anxiety and stress relief. A massage is simple but hugely effective as it allows the clients to unwind and their brain to shut off for an hour. The fully qualified therapist performs expert techniques designed to relax and calm the clients. A classic slow back massage is also beneficial as it uses gentle strokes which can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. In fact, any slow and gentle massage is suitable so long as the treatment enhances relaxation, calm and wellbeing within. More intense massages such as deep tissue, acupuncture and shiatsu should be avoided due to their more rigorous nature.

There is a wide variety of treatments on offer here at Manchester Massage and you are able to choose the service that is most suitable for you. If you are unsure which treatment may be the best option, you can discuss your needs with the therapist and the treatment will be tailored to you to ensure you receive the best possible results. Tackle your nausea and pain from a chemotherapy session with an impressive massage that makes you feel much better. Always discuss taking a massage with your medical team first.