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Reducing Chemotherapy Related Nausea Through Massage

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 22 Mar

Chemotherapy is in some circumstances the best way of treating some cancers. Unfortunately, it has inevitable side effects, one notably so is the feeling of nausea and vomiting. As well as having various side effects Antiemetic cannot control these nauseous feelings so an alternative method needs to be found.  There are various studies that provide evidence that massage therapy can help in the battle against depression and mood disorders in the case of cancer patients as well as provide relief from feelings of nausea brought on by chemotherapy treatments.

Best massages to relieve nausea after chemotherapy

One of the most effective treatments for nausea as a result of chemotherapy is a slow-stroke back massage.  Chemotherapy is often used as a treatment for leukemia where alternative methods such as acupuncture, the application of acupressure as in Shiatsu are thought of as being too risky, as is deep tissue massage.  Slow back massage is a gentle but effective way of reducing the symptoms of nausea. Swedish massage is also one of the preferred treatments and has all the other benefits of promoting wellbeing and combating anxiety and stress. All of these will often be symptomatic of having cancer and treatments such as chemotherapy.  In general, a gentle soothing massage is hugely beneficial to cancer patients as it does promote positivity and relaxation.