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Save 50% In Manchester Thai Massage?

Save 50% In Manchester Thai Massage? POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 19 Jul

Just about everyone loves a massage and those that have experienced a massage on the beach in Thailand have special holiday memories of enjoying a full body massage that is quite different from other traditional massage techniques and returning to Manchester they yearn for that same level of relaxation and the relief from those feelings of anxiety and stress it brought them. With the experience of the qualified Thai masseuse, she uses her body weight to bring depth of pressure as she works to reduce tension in the muscles, whilst she remains constantly aware of the personal levels of pressure which are appropriate to the client.

Clients express their overall sense of wellbeing after a massage using this traditional healing system and at Manchester Massage there are many regular clients who come for a Thai massage every couple of weeks. What makes them come so often? Well the quality of the massage of course, but the exceptional offer of a 50% discount on the full massage price currently on offer, at this highly rated massage salon in the Northern Quarter, is certainly is a genuine attraction.

Regular clients who carry a Loyalty Card for Manchester Massage always benefit from this amazing level of discount, but the same offer is now available to introduce new clients to the salon and to the expertise of these highly skilled and qualified massage therapists. So whether you are one of the clients who book for repeat massages and have done so perhaps since we first opened, or whether you are just passing by and can spare an hour to chill out and find yourself rejuvenated and refreshed, this sensational massage deal in Manchester is available to you today!

Many couples come for massages together, partners, mothers and daughters, or close friends, they both choose the Thai Massage at such an affordably cheap rate and spend an hour, bonding and relaxing in each other’s company. Sharing some time like this is something which is very special. But few things are more special than this extraordinary massage deal at 50% off with therapists who are highly talented and exponents of this century’s old traditional technique. If you have not discovered the massage offers in Manchester at Manchester Massage, then give the salon a call and book a massage, whether it is just for you or as a couple, in our luxurious, calming environment.