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Season’s Greetings!!

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 11 Dec

Any year you can be forgiven for being exhausted by everything that goes on in December, shopping, office parties, Christmas markets, friends and family. But let’s face it, this is 2020 and as the saying of the year goes and we quote – “the situation is quite unprecedented”! So those office parties are on hold, the markets cancelled due to health concerns, there is a pretty limited prospect on the family gatherings, so it is not going to be quite like any other Christmas we can remember. But with other religions having had to curtail their celebrations already in 2020, including Eid for the Muslim faith and Diwali for the Hindus, Jains and Sikhs, we are all having to take a different path for the overall good of all. But with the “non-essential” shops open at last, everyone is rushing into Manchester looking to make up for lost time and get that retail buzz again! Along with all the other non-essential businesses, Manchester Massage has been closed for the four-week lockdown, but is now open again and welcoming all our old clients plus the new clients who are discovering us every day.

Some of our massage clients have been learning to live with their aches and pains going untreated when their regular massage session has been denied them, others are looking for some immediate relief from the shopping and already relishing the peace and tranquillity of an aromatherapy massage. Whatever the reason everyone is equally enjoying their opportunity to fall under the spell of a massage and lose themselves in the perfect relaxation that it delivers. After just a few hours in the Arndale Centre, whether it is shopping for shopping’s sake, or trying to get on top of that Christmas present shopping list, many find that the gloss of retail therapy can soon wear off and thoughts turn instead to a little pampering. There is arguably no better place in Manchester for a massage than 28 Swan St, for almost exactly two years since opening, this specialist venue for a wide range of massage therapies, is here, ready and eager to bring you the pleasure of a Swedish Massage, a foot massage after tramping around those shops, a Thai massage when you can’t face an actual workout to the gym, or the warming comfort of a Hot Stones Massage. In every imaginable way it is the best antidote to that shopping excess!!

Whether you are someone who celebrates Christmas in the traditional way, with gifts for everyone and carols on the sound system, or just take the time available to chill out a bit, we all know that this year it is rather different. As Boris says “Tis the season to be jolly……careful” so when you are relaxing and enjoying your restorative massage, you can rest assured that Manchester Massage is right on it, making sure that while you are benefitting from your treat, we are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure you are safe. That way you will be able to succumb to the rhythm of the masseuse’s hands and reap the full benefit of your treatment leaving the necessary protocols to us.

So, to all our clients of 2020, we wish you all happy holidays and look forward to seeing you during December and in the new Year!