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Swedish massage Manchester

Swedish massage Manchester POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 28 Aug

Even for those people who have never had a massage, the words “Swedish Massage” are immediately recognisable. For those clients who have a Swedish Massage at Manchester Massage salon the words spell relaxation, and an easing of stress and tightness in the muscles. This is achieved by promoting relaxation by releasing muscle tension.

The Swedish massage Manchester clients enjoy with us, is gentler, less intense, than for example a deep tissue massage and designed primarily for those interested in relaxation and tension relief, rather than the repair of soft tissue after an injury. The techniques used by our skilled massage therapists loosen up the muscles and ease those irritating aches and pains brought about by daily activities.This can often be because of the jobs we do, it may be sitting at a computer in the office, or manual jobs, or even exercising.There are many reasons for this build up of muscular tension and the following effects of pain in the lower back, or across the shoulders and neck.

The Swedish massage Manchester clients enjoy

Although every massage therapist will have a slightly different technique, the Swedish massage follows the principles of kneading, long strokes known as effleurage, deep circular movements, and passive joint movements.The traditional Swedish massage is a full body treatment, and the masseuse will generally start on the back and you will be asked to turn overhalfway through the session.

If you are experiencing areas which have been particularly painful, maybe that neck and shoulders area,you should ask your Manchester Massage therapist to concentrate on this part. But almost certainly she will have become immediately aware of it herself as her fingers move across your body. Many clients have been heard to say that the masseuse discovered areas that the client was even unaware of, until the pain disappeared. All massages should be within the preferences and tolerance of the client, do it is always important to communicate during your treatment to ask forlight, medium, or firm pressure.

The etiquette of getting a Swedish massage

As the Swedish massage Manchester clients benefit from at Manchester Massage is a full body massage, all clients are requested to undress to theirunderwear on the lower half of the body while the massage therapist waits outside. You will be provided with plenty of towels to cover up and during the massage the therapist will lift back the towel on the area to be worked on, so that you will be covered most of the time. A high quality massage oil is usedwhich allowsfor the long and smooth strokes typical of the Swedish massage. Those that regularly love a Swedish massage treatment, sometimes try an aromatherapy massage as a variation, where essential oils which enhance a mood are included into the base massage oil, this may be to further relax, or alternatively to invigorate.