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The Benefit Of Traditional Thai Massage

The Benefit Of Traditional Thai Massage POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 23 Feb

There are many fantastic massage treatments available here at Manchester Massage and one of the oldest forms on offer is the traditional Thai massage. This expert treatment is known to have been around for over thousand of years and incorporates the ideology of Chinese medicine practices. It involves the use of various techniques, mainly combining acupressure, stretching, yoga and massage to create a unique service. The therapists use many parts of their body including hands, elbows, knees and feet to provide fantastic results of pain relief, increased mobility and flexibility and energy boosts! It focuses on unblocking the energy through the body to improve the flow and therefore reduce muscle tension and improve mobility.

Regular Massage

A regular Thai massage offers clients many benefits. It is one of the more active massages on offer and it not only relaxes the muscles and releases tension, it is also known to boost circulation which stimulates the body and enhances positivity and your wellbeing inside and out. The massage begins with kneading and stretching of the muscles which effectively releases the built up tension and stress. The muscles are also loosened which improves mobility and the long strokes relax your mind. The yoga-like movements included also boost your system as your body is manipulated into various positions to stretch the body and improve flexibility. The treatment is also tailored to each client’s specific needs and will target these areas to make sure you receive the best possible results for you.

The traditional Thai massage offered at Manchester Massage is performed by a professional therapist who takes your needs into account to create a personal and unique service which provides incredible results. A consultation may be advised to determine if this is the right treatment for you. Book today and you will receive a fantastic traditional Thai massage that offers many benefits.