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The Benefit Of Traditional Thai Massage

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 23 Feb

Thai massage is based on old traditional oriental methods , so its benefits have been tried and tested over the centuries and it is thought to be influenced by ancient Chinese medical . This therapy is considered as being part of traditional Thai medicine having been influenced by Buddhist, Indian and traditional Chinese practices.  It uses aspects of energy work, acupressure and Yoga traditions all incorporated into the therapy. The whole principle is based on body energy conduits or sen as they are traditionally called.  The practitioner works on the energy lines. which there are thousands of, but 10 are singled out as of being of major importance. We have only been getting the benefits of traditional Thai massage in the West since the 1980’s when western tourism started to be popular in Thailand, opening up a whole new world.  There are many benefits that can be gained from having a Thai massage.  There are many proven benefits to having a traditional Thai massage in Manchester it relaxes body and mind works on muscle tension, promotes positivity and boosts circulation.

The positives gained from having a traditional Thai massage in Manchester

Just committing yourself to having a massage in a tranquil serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city outside can immediately have a calming and restful effect . The initial warming up movements of a traditional massage lulls you as your mind drifts away to some far off world and culture such as Thailand as this meditational therapy disengages you from the world outside.

The kneading  and rocking movement as well as the static pressure works its magic on your tired and aching muscles  taking away tension in the joints and fascia. You will notice your improved mobility as your relaxed and reconditioned tissue feels all the better for the therapeutic massage. Your general well being get an emphatic boost from the Yoga element of a  Manchester Thai massage as the practitioner uses every means necessary to manipulated your body into traditional yoga positions using their hands , elbows, knees and whatever part of their anatomy is need to put you into the required positions. This gives you the many benefits of Yoga without the hard work. It also gives access to Yoga positions to those who have physical limitations due to illness or injury.  This part of the therapy  increases flexibility and improves your range of movement and compliments the work being done on your energy conduits and direct pressure being applies to your muscles during the course of the treatment.

A good massage therapist will instinctively know what parts of your anatomy will benefit most from their attention and will give a bespoke service to best suit the individuals needs. A traditional Thai massage also promotes restfulness and can lead to a good refreshing night’s sleep which leaves you feeling energized.  There is also a boost to your blood circulation and Lymphatic system. As the body’s energy is realigned the blood pressure is reduced and blood flow enhanced , the lymph drainage system is also thought to be benefitted too. The more oxygen in the system also leads to great detoxification.  The overall effect is that a positive aura is created in your body with increased energy levels, increased mobility and greater detoxification. A Thai massage Northern quarter Manchester is certainly worthwhile as it also brings you to a quieter part of the city so as you can enjoy the experience even more.