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What Are The Benefits Of Sports Massage For An Athlete?

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 22 Jun

Getting a sports massage is part of the way an athlete prepares the body ready for their best performance; at the beginning of the recovery period following a big race or main event; or as a way to enhance their performance during their ongoing training periods.

This massage plays an important place in the training schedule if there is a major event planned and when intensive training is underway, or if the athlete carries a long-term condition which needs to be constantly addressed. A restorative sports massage allows the athlete to continue training harder but with less injury. Therapists who work with elite athletes up to Olympic standard recommend a sports massage to focus on muscle release, thereby improving flexibility and improve motion. For those who regularly incorporate the sports massage into their training, it is common to take their pre-race treatment in the week before the event, generally not closer than two days before.

As any spectator knows, post event massage is offered to relax the muscles and nervous system and kick in the natural repair process in the body and sports therapists can be seen at the finish line or at the stadium. Massages at Manchester Massage booked to begin the recovery, should be scheduled in the period up to 48 hours following the race or event, one of the effects is help with recovery from the lactic acid produced.

For the keen non-professional, or someone who does not take a massage regularly, but who is looking to benefit from the therapy, they should schedule a series of appointments starting weeks beforehand that special event to gain the best results, or to maintain fitness during the off season to keep in optimum shape.  Whether the client is a runner, plays tennis, or golfer, an experienced therapist with training in this area of expertise will have the requisite skills within her range of techniques and know how to use them, because of the depth of her knowledge of the physiology of the human body. By tailoring your sports massage using a combination of several massage techniques focusing on the affected muscle groups and based on the particular sporting activities you do, her expertise will affect the greatest benefit for any sportsman or woman.