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What is Deep Tissue Massage and Why Should You Need?

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 06 Jan

Although therapeutic and beneficial many massages compared to deep tissue massage can be quite superficial in comparison.  One of the reasons you should consider this type of invigorating massage is because other not as invasive treatments have not given the extent of pain relief that you were expecting or hoping for. The higher intensity sport you engage in then the more you may be suited to a deep tissue massage Manchester therapeutic session to tone and relax your muscles.

Even if you are not suffering from injuries at the moment, regular treatments may even help prevent injuries by conditioning and relaxing your muscles and the tissue surrounding them.  Deep tissue massage reaches places that other types of massage fails to do. The perfect scenario would be to have a sauna first to get your tissues warmed and to an extent softened up and then a sauna after to relax any temporary aches as a result of your deep and penetrating therapy.  However,  we are not always living in an ideal world and saunas before or after will probably not be possible.  In the likelihood you do not get a pre treatment sauna, your practitioner will gently start massaging the outer muscle and tissue to warm them up, making them manageable so the therapist, using any means necessary to penetrate and access muscles deep down in the core.  By that we mean that the therapist could use their finger tips, knuckles, forearms or even elbows to zoom in on the areas they are trying to access and work on.

what you can expect from a deep tissue massage Manchester therapist

If you are  suffering from a particular injury or muscle fatigue in a certain area then the practitioner will zero in on that area and give a deep trigger point type massage. They may treat a more general area but the same will occur, there will be deep penetration through the layers to give a beneficial and therapeutic experience. You may have a little soreness after the fact lasting a day or two, a warm compress will help. However, you will find the long term benefit and much of your pain, even the severest of pain should be eased or eliminated.

If you have found your deep tissue massage in Manchester helpful, you may decide on another one to completely take the symptoms away. You may have just liked the stress relief it provided and want a repeat session, bearing in mind that a regular deep tissue massage is also a proactive preventative solution and will help guard against reoccurring injury.