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Slipped Disc

When a slipped disc occurs, it is when either trauma has damaged the area, or it is a weakness in the spine.

Poor Posture

Many of our aches and pains originate from poor posture.

Headaches & Migraines

Many headaches begin with pain that originate from tension in the neck and shoulders.

Neck Pain

So many of us suffer with neck pain, in fact everyone almost without exception will experience it during their lifetime on several occasions.

Lower Back Pain

When 80% of people are estimated to suffer from lower back pain at some stages of their lives, it is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Minor Sports Injuries

Here at ManchesterMassage, we see a high number of people who love their sport, both at an amateur or professional level.

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Don’t let pain or discomfort hold you back from living your best life. Schedule your initial consultation and Report of Findings session with Manchester Chiropractors today! Working together with the most highly trained and experienced Manchester Massage therapists, we can take you forward to better health and wellbeing.

Joshua Newsom

Doctor of Chiropractic

Feel confident when you meet our chiropractor Joshua Newsom by reading about his qualifications, his life and his beliefs in these treatments.

Ross Chapman

Doctor of Chiropractic

Take the path to recovery feeling confident when you know and understand about Ross Chapman’s qualifications and belief in chiro care.

Aaron Madhar

Doctor of Chiropractic

Put yourself in the hands of Aaron Madhar, one of our dedicated chiropractors, firstly read about his qualifications and his life outside of chiropractic.

Is it best to have a massage after a chiropractic treatment?

Advice is often to receive a massage after your chiropractic care to avoid minor stiffness and aches. But when you have extreme muscle tightness it can be better to have your massage before your chiropractic care. Your Manchester chiropractor will advise you at your initial consultation about your specific needs.

Do chiropractic and massage work together?

Working together with chiropractic, massage therapy increases your blood flow throughout the body, improving your range of motion in the muscles, joints, tendons, and tissues. At Manchester Massage working with Manchester Chiropractors, you can look forward to professional care and your future wellbeing and health.

Is a chiropractor the same as a massage therapist?

A chiropractor focuses on manipulating your bones, primarily the spine, whereas a massage therapist works on the soft tissues – your muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

I have been looking for a chiropractor near me in Manchester, where are you located?

We are on Swan Street in the Northern Quarter, easily accessible from Piccadilly and Market Street and from both Victoria and Piccadilly Stations.

Everybody Loves Us

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Jenny Milburnbook

Manchester Massage review by Jenny MilburnI’ve had back pain for the past few months and with a holiday coming up I was concerned that this was going to spoil it for myself and my family. So met Josh in the hope that chiro would get to the bottom of it. After assessment I had my first adjustment and I saw an improvement within 24 hours and now, after my second appointment it is almost completely gone! A total turn around! Thank you!

June 2024
Andrew Kingbook

Manchester Massage review by Andrew KingProfessional and in depth examination at this clinic which made me feel relaxed and confident. I had not tried chiropractic care for my headaches previously. Taking strong painkillers for my migraine had been having side effects on my digestion, so I was looking for a chiropractor experienced in relief for headaches without medication. The whole team were so reassuring, and I am now prescription drug free. Headaches virtually a thing of the past!

June 2024
Gabby Hartnellbook

Manchester Massage review by Gabby HartnellA frank and honest option on my reasons for poor posture after a proper discussion on my work and lifestyle habits and how adjustment and maintenance could change it back to its original position. Three adjustments in I am back to walking more freely, standing tall naturally and I have lost the niggling aches that all sprung from that bad posture. Many thanks to the team at Manchester Chiropractors!

May 2024
Iain Cooperbook

Manchester Massage review by Iain CooperFollowing diagnosis and my first treatment, I feel that I am finally on my way to recovery. Months since my football injury, I was advised by a team mate to try this treatment and found this chiropractors clinic in the Northern Quarter. Great team, I was made to feel welcome from the receptionist to the chiropractor, and treated as an individual. I hadn’t realised that chiropractic treatments for sports injuries was so generally used by sports professionals, but this Saturday league player is definitely getting first class care from Dr Ross!

May 2024

Manchester Massage review by AdamThis is my 3 rd follow up visit and I am feeling flexible and most of the time free from my neck pain. I am so pleased I decided to try this as an alternative to just putting up with this and especially that I made use of the discount they are offering right now as well. I am frankly amazed that It has changed my life. So thank you!

April 2024
Mike Suttonbook

Manchester Massage review by Mike SuttonAs a sufferer from a slipped disc, after seeing Aaron at this clinic, I can say that I received a professional service and I have recommended him and his colleagues to all my family and friends. I am pain free for the first time in months and more people should realise that there is hope that goes beyond another prescription for pain killers.

April 2024