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Four Hand Massage Courses Manchester

What is a four hand massage?

The four hand massage is one of the most intense and deeply relaxing services available and requires the expertise of two massage therapists to carry out the treatment on a client. It is also one of the higher massage forms and therefore therapists on the four hand massage training course Manchester will already need to be qualified in the basic massage techniques such as the Swedish massage. The four hand massage courses in Manchester requires therapists to have excellent teamwork skills and you will learn how to successfully and effectively synchronise your movements along with massage oils to create the best possible treatment for every client.

What does this training course include?

  • The aims and results of a four hand massage
  • How to synchronise movements with another therapist
  • Which massage techniques to use for each client’s different needs
  • How to recognise energy blockages and effectively deal with them
  • How to deeply relax and calm the clients with various movements

The four-hand massage course requires regular practicing of movements and massage techniques to ensure every therapist feels confident in their work and will always provide an expert service for the best results.

What techniques are required?

  • The four hand massage is often used as the base massage
  • You will also learn how to effectively apply pressure to release tension and stress
  • The synchronisation of both therapists is essential to heighten the sensations on the body
  • The balance on the left and right sides of the body is also important for deep relaxation

The four hand massage courses near Manchester are amongst the most complex and unique services available and therapists must have prior knowledge and qualifications before attending a session. You will learn how to perform a four hands massage to the best of your ability using a range of techniques and skills to create a fantastic massage treatment for your clients.

Is this a beginner’s course?

No, this is a highly intense and difficult course and therapists must have a qualification in the basic massage courses before attending.

Do I need to bring a partner?

You don’t need to bring a partner as you will be paired up on the training course but if you have a partner you can both apply for the course to ensure you learn the same techniques.

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