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Herbal Compress Massage
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Herbal Compress Massage Manchester

Was £50, Now it is £25 for 50 Mins * Massage (50% off)

Balls, or pouches, of therapeutic herbs which have been blended and heated are used as part of a Deep Thai Massage treatment, or a Swedish Massage; in either case the warmth of the aromatic herbs enhances the traditional massage technique as it is absorbed by the skin and inhaled into the body.

A Herbal Compress Massage gives to the client a warm and comforting sensation, but at the same time it is also helping the body to release toxins. Working in a similar way to hot stones in aiding the massage, many clients prefer the herbal compress balls as they carry such a heady aroma which helps with relaxation. So potent is this effect that all clients are advised to factor in at least a 15 minute period after the therapy, to relax in our lounge area and take in plenty of fluids. Traditional herbs used in the compress include Eucalyptus, Ginger, Camphor, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Kafir Lime and Galangal.

Was £50, Now it is £25 for 50 Mins * Massage (50% off) Book Now!