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Lipo injection in Manchester

Stunning results with Lipo injections in Manchester!

Are you looking for a treatment that tackles your body fat and leaves you looking slimmer with no flabby skin? These lipo injections in Manchester may be the perfect solution for you! These injections use Aqualyx which is highly effective at targeting fat cells and destroying them. This is a non surgical treatment and is becoming a popular alternative to liposuction. The most common areas it is used on are the thighs, hips, stomach and chin and it is a quick and easy service and clients should notice fantastic results in as soon as a month!

How does it work?

Working in a different way to the well-known Liposuction in Manchester technique, Aqualyx is a fat dissolving injection used in Manchester Lipo treatments which involves acids that break up and destroy the fat cells, causing them to be drained out by the lymphatic system and gradually removed from the body to create gorgeous results of smoother skin and may also provide results of considerable weight loss for many clients. These fat cells are permanently removed from the body, however if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercise and diet and gain weight in the future more fat cells will be created and you will need another treatment to tackle these new fat cells and the process repeats.

What does the treatment involve?

Once you have decided this is right for you, the lipo injections treatment begins with the body areas being cleaned and a local anaesthetic injection reduces the possibility of any client discomfort. The Aqualyx is then injected into each body area you want to treat. It is a straight forward service and only takes up to an hour depending on how many body areas you are having treated. There may be some side effects such as bruising, swelling and redness but these should clear up within 48 hours.

Fantastic, long lasting results!

This is a completely safe treatment and clients’ needs are always prioritised throughout the session to make sure they are comfortable and with suchpotential results it makes many clients extremely happy! If you are considering Liposuction near you in Manchester you may not even be aware that there is an alternative and so are delighted to discover the non-invasive lipo injections!The results of this treatment are long lasting so long as you keep up with regular exercise and diet as the fat cells are kept at bay. Each area of fat will need to be injected separately to ensure all areas are treated equally and clients should notice a gradual improvement over the weeks with recommended 3 to 4 sessions for optimal results.

Book amazing lipo injections in Manchester right now!

The majority of clients who try this treatment are impressed with the results and that could be you when you find the best venue close by for a professional Lipo Injection in Manchester. Here at Manchester Massage the resident beauty therapist offers this stunning service priced at £70 per area for a 45 minute treatment and you are guaranteed a hygienic and caring treatment working towards the outstanding results you will love! Book an appointment right now and take control of your appearance.

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