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How Do You Find The Best Massage Place in Manchester?

How Do You Find The Best Massage Place in Manchester? POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 02 Jul

For some of our regular clients they believe that they have already found it! Because we have clients who have been coming to us for well over 5 years since we opened! They feel that we are the best massage place in Manchester and even beyond that, as we have regulars who travel from as far away as Cumbria and Leeds. But it is easy to say, but much harder to always maintain the highest standards of treatment, but you can be certain that we go to the greatest effort in always recruiting and retaining the massage therapists Manchester clients will appreciate for their skills. We always do our best to offer the most highly qualified and experienced practitioners across a wide range of massage treatments.That can be why it is good to get to know our therapists a little bit. Because sometimes it does come down to finding the best therapist for you and sticking with that person, maybe after trying a few to find exactly what you want.

For the clients looking for deep tissue or sports appointments

For the sports enthusiasts amongst our clientele, both professional and amateur, the need for a sports therapist can be something that they have to have established. Pre-event preparations, or post event loosening up, or of course for the inevitable and hopefully only occasional injury. Looking after our Manchester Massage clients, just as they have professional football and rugby teams in the past, we have Jemima, Alex, and Katarina. All highly qualified and specialising in sports massage and therapy. Several of our other highly experienced therapists are also able to give a great sports massagesuch Ross a registered chiropractor and masseurand Elli a qualified masseuse and physio, so it is a matter of finding the style and the techniques that suits you best. Of course, they are all equally good at a deep tissue massage too, but for many private clients who request the same therapist each time,Kelly, Maria and Anisaare the ones that give a deep tissue massage that customers say really hits the spot!

It is sometimes the experience rather than the qualifications

If actually makes little difference when we look at who is qualified for certain therapies from amongst the team, because each masseuse/masseur carry great qualifications, but it is the personal element always comes in and makes for a favourite sometimes. All of our therapists are multi talented, including those that have joined us most recently, carrying on the tradition for the best treatments to be had in the city. Therapists like Julia, Jo Jo, Katheryna, Vanessa and Ella. Each has their special talents like Vanessa for an outstanding Thai massage, or Jo Jo for an aromatherapy massage.

A couples massage with 2 specialists – just perfect!

As many couples make this their go-to destination for a couples massage, clients can choose their favourite therapist for the massage they have in mind, a relaxing Swedish or a robust deep tissue and with each treatment taking its own course, you can enjoy each other’s company and still get the session you had planned.

A happy customer’s review

Just recently we had a brilliant review from a regular client who summed all of this up in a few words,  she said that she loved coming to us and getting treatments from different masseuses “because they all have slightly different approaches to massaging” and she liked to mix it up a bit!