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Massage Can Relieve Headaches Caused By Tension

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 12 Dec

Tension headaches have previously been knows as  muscle contraction headache. As its name suggests  it is a combination of emotional conflict and stress causing a tightening of the neck muscles. This can also lead to pain developing in the face scalp and jaw.  If you are just looking for soothing pain relief for this type of condition, then you may even be able to have a go by giving yourself a head massage as well as paying attention to your neck and face. Doing it yourself can sometimes effect relief.

massages that could help tension headaches

A head massage could help the  symptoms of such a stress related headache by massaging the head and some facial muscles. You could go to a professional for this or initially try it yourself for instant relief at the time.  A chair massage that focuses on the neck and shoulders  uses light to medium pressure to relieve tension.

This is done on a specially designed chair so the therapist has access to the upper back and shoulders. Shiatsu is also used for a variety of muscle relaxing reasons  and it relaxes tense muscles relieving stress and anxiety, which can be contributory factors to tension headaches. Of course  a trigger point massage in the appropriate part of the neck should also get to the heart of the matter reducing tension and reducing or eliminating the headaches.

Although not targeting the immediate area of concern Thai massage, Swedish massage and a general full body massage relieves tension and stress and should be over all beneficial to relieving any stress related headaches.