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Sports Massage – What Runners Need To Know About It

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 19 May

Being a runner, you know familiar sting of post-workout tiredness, stiff muscles and exercise-induced injuries. These are widespread problems that most runners encounter, all of which can be lessened with the assistance of a professional sports massage in Manchester.

There is a popular myth that sports massage is only meant for the top-tier athletes, and that amateur runners cannot benefits from sports massage services. Though originally meant for sportsperson, sports massage has been found to have excellent benefits for people of all skill level & can alleviate a wide range of tensions, injuries and postural problems!

Why do I require a sports massage?

Regardless of your skill level, being a runner it’s essential to keep your body in top shape to optimize your performance & make the most of your athletic skills. Manchester sports massage can help in several crucial areas of performance, and here is a quick rundown of why runners should not overlook its incredible advantages:

Shift Lactic Acid: Our body burns calories when doing any amount of workout, which causes the creation of lactic acid. When occupying in heavy calorie-burning activity like running, your body responds by creating larger volumes of lactic acid which prompts the common burning sensation felt in muscles following an intense workout session. This in result prompts feelings of soreness & lethargy, affecting dedication & performance.

During a sports massage therapy, your therapist works to shift built-up lactic acid out of the muscles, speeding up the recuperation process & helping to combat feelings of burning & fatigue.

Fix Dysfunction: We’re spending more of our everyday lives seated & immobile than ever before, whether it be hunched in front of our laptop at the workplace or surfing smartphones at home. This guides to dysfunction, with our bodies becoming stiff & tight after being in a seated and lying posture for prolonged period of times. Sports massage in Manchester helps to concur this fixing the stiffness & dysfunction prompted by 21st century life, retuning the body to its most favorable, healthy posture, and allowing you to achieve your full running potential.

Deal with injuries:

For a runner injuries are the worst nightmare. They can put you out of action for months and are an important factor in the loss of progress. By improving circulation & stimulating natural tissue repair inside the body, a Manchester sports massage concurrently helps to prevent & cure injuries, considerably helping your recovery.