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Stretch Marks


Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the fine lighter toned lines on the body that appear when tissue under your skin tears from rapid growth or over-stretching perhaps due to pregnancy or previous weight gain. Many people have them and they are not a cause for any significant medical concern but can often be something which concerns many people as they feel that they are unsightly or even unpleasant. If you feel that you would have greater confidence in the appearance of your body and wish that you had the chance to remove them then laser treatment is the answer.

Stretch marks often appear on the abdomen or breasts following pregnancy or to the thighs, buttocks and breast areas in adolescents who are experiencing growth spurts. In some cases certain medical conditions and the prolonged use of specific medications can also be implicated in their development.

The appearance of stretch marks shows skin that has become flattened and thinnish, exhibiting a pink colour. Occasionally the skin can be itchy followed by the development of reddish or purplish lines. Over time these marks lighten becoming whitish or flesh-coloured. Stretch marks which occur in adolescents generally become less visible over a period of time and in most cases require no treatment.

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