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Thai Massage Course Manchester

What is Thai massage?

The Thai massage incorporates the techniques of acupressure, stretching, yoga, and ancient Ayurvedic ideology. The Thai massage course Manchester teaches therapists how to create a unique massage therapy tailored to each client’s needs to provide beneficial results and promote healing and recovery in the body. It is a more vigorous and energetic treatment than other massages and it releases built up stress and tension in the muscles for immediate and effective pain relief. A regular treatment offers more health benefits including enhanced relaxation, improved flexibility and energy boosts. Stretching and varying amounts of pressure are used to achieve improvements within.

What techniques will you learn?

  • Yoga stretches and movements for a passive workout
  • How to use your fingers and palms to apply pressure all over the body
  • Manipulate and stretch limbs into different positions to release any trapped pain and stress
  • How to use your full body weight to apply even more pressure in some cases

On the Thai massage course UK, you will learn to use these techniques to reach improvements for clients and their different problems. All of these methods taught at our Thai massage training course Manchester are regularly used as part of massage therapy to achieve results of pain relief and improved mobility and flexibility.

What does the course involve?

  • The aims and results of a Thai massage
  • Various stretching exercises
  • How to understand different bodies and what they need
  • How to correctly use the different parts of your body and weight to create an effective treatment for clients.
  • How to assess the different needs of individual clients to create a unique massage for the best possible results in every case.

During the Thai massage course near Manchester, you will regularly practice the different techniques to ensure you achieve the skill and qualifications necessary.

Additional information:

The Thai massage is a very physical and energetic treatment and you will need to be able to kneel and work with a client on the floor, or alternatively on special Thai massage beds. It is not a course suitable for people with joint problems or pregnant women. This course is suitable for both beginners and qualified professionals who want to enhance their skills further.

Does this training course provide the qualification for Thai massage?

Yes, once you have completed our training course you will receive a qualification in Thai massage.

Do I have to be a qualified massage therapist to take this course?

It is ideal if you have previous qualifications, however, beginners are also able to take this course.

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