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A Thai massage is known to be one that will leave the client experiencing a noticeable relief from stress and feelings of anxiety as the therapist uses pressure points on the body, combined with stretching the muscles and compression using the palm of the hand to loosen the limbs and relax tension and thereby helping with joint flexibility and mobility, encouraging the flow of energy through the body. The deep understanding by the Thai practitioners means that she can intuitively sense the depth of pressure to be used and for how long to sustain it. For the more intense Thai massage, the practitioner will use her body weight as she works to release muscle tension, especially where there is an area that is especially taut. This method focuses the pressure, whilst the masseuse remains closely aware of the level of pressure suitable for the client. Clients describe it as an energising treatment that also gives a sense of balance.

The ancient and revered tradition of Thai massage is said to have originated from the teachings and practices of Shivago Komarpaj who was physician to the Buddha. These principles have remained for over 2500 years and are inscribed on stone built into the walls of the Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok, which up until today remains the centre for Thai massage and medicine. Over the centuries Thai Massage is thought likely to have absorbed additions from the surrounding countries such as India, China and other South Asian cultures.

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Thai Massage FAQs

Manchester Massage is open every day of the week, so whether you want to come straight from work, pop in during your lunch hour, or you can come to us as part of your plans for a relaxing weekend, we are available. With opening hours on each day from 10am until 8pm and the last massage session beginning at 7pm, you can find a time that’s convenient to you.
Clients can undress to a level where they are comfortable, the majority of our clients find that undressing down to their underwear is best for them. If you prefer to keep covered a little more, then please be sure that the clothing is loose to enable your therapist to work. You will be covered or draped by towels throughout our massage so that you feel both warm and comfortable, but always tell your therapist if you are uncomfortable at any stage, after all this is all about you!
A full body massage is not quite literally your complete body. A few words to your therapist at the beginning of the session can make you feel secure and confident that she will not touch parts of your body that are sensitive, or indeed, which you do not like to be touched. Perhaps you may feel most at ease if you book a neck, shoulders and back massage the first time and then see how it goes. Otherwise a full body will mean your arms and hands, legs and feet, neck, shoulders, back, head and face, your stomach and buttocks.
The benefits of a massage treatment from a skilled Thai Massage therapist can be both physical and mental. It is well recognised as a very effective therapy for lessening levels of stress as the gentle pressure and the techniques of stretching the muscles relax the whole body and relieve muscular tension as shown by tests gauging stress markers in the saliva. Research into this type of massage also shows that energy levels increase alongside mental stimulation. Specific Thai techniques can help with headaches, improve circulation and improve mobility. Discuss with your therapist which problem you are experiencing so that they can direct the appropriate focus to those areas.
There are a number of Thai therapists in Manchester and they either perform Thai Massage themselves or are involved in teaching others the special skills which are part of the centuries old Thai massage traditions. As the saying goes, if you are looking for a good Italian restaurant then you go where the Italians themselves eat; the same can be said for Manchester Massage Thai massage therapies, when you discover that other therapists come here for treatments then you know you have found the best place.
For clients who come for a Thai massage as part of a remedial treatment following strain or injury, alternatively as part of a preventative plan, then you will benefit most from a weekly massage. For clients managing stress or seeking massage as part of a wellbeing schedule, then sessions once a fortnight or monthly will be useful.
At Manchester Massage the cost of a 1-hour session, which includes changing time and a shower if the client wishes, is on offer at £25, a fantastic 50% reduction on the full price! Of course finding such skilled Thai therapists at such reasonable rates means that some clients book for 2 hours to really reap the benefits of an extended massage treatment.
Ideally clients like to relax after their massage, this relaxation time should include drinking plenty of water and enjoying a warm shower or bath before bedtime, but definitely do not drink alcohol as this can lead to tiredness the following day. It is also best to avoid strenuous exercise or heavy work immediately after the massage session. Rich food is also best avoided, rather a light meal if your massage time finishes close to a meal time is best. Some therapists also recommend the avoidance of caffeine drinks such as tea and coffee after a Thai massage.