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Some clients suffering from specific areas of discomfort prefer to have the therapist centre attention on the area or areas of particular problems and pain rather than asking for a full body massage. A back massage, addressing any of the 77 different muscles in the back is perhaps, not surprisingly, the most frequently asked for. This is the most common area where knots or problems with posture as a result of pain, is the cause of discomfort in the upper body. There are so many muscles which may be subject to strains and pulls, resulting in a number of ways where back pain can affect the quality of your life.

The massage practitioner will start by warming the muscles using light compressions to loosen the muscle area, then increasing the pressure in long strokes, kneading the muscles and in some cases using vibration, always adjusting the amount of pressure employed as necessary. During the treatment, as knots and trigger points are located, pressure is focused on that area to release them. The pressure of the massage both stretches and lengthens the fibres of the muscles, releasing lactic acid which may be accumulated and increasing circulation, which brings increased oxygen and nutrients to the muscle area.

Back Massage
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