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Foot Massage Manchester

Many cultures around the world have used foot massage for hundreds of years as a way of improving both general health and as a medium for relaxation. The alternative therapy of reflexology has a clear understanding of how the channels within the body reflect its physical changes within the whole through the zones and reflex areas on the feet and hands. A foot massage, based upon parts of different alternative health practices, can be seen to have a beneficial effect upon the whole body. Such elements are incorporated into a foot massage which involves the gentle stretching of the legs and a massaging of the pressure points on the feet. Using the hands, your therapist locates these pressure points and on occasion will use sticks or rollers, in addition to manual pressure, to increase stimulation of the reflex areas of the feet. Fully non-intrusive, this therapy is suitable for the majority of people, is immediately relaxing and soothes and alleviates anxiety.
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