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Couples Massage Manchester

Was £100, Now it is £50 for 50 Mins * Massage (50% off) A couples massage can be the most wonderful and relaxing, personal experience. During a massage session, two people enjoy a massage from two therapists at the same time on adjacent massage beds in the same therapy suite. This therapy provides the same benefits as an individual massage but with the added bonus of a joint experience. This customized dual massage session will leave both of you relaxed, de-stressed and with a feeling of deeper union through the release of mutual stresses as the celebration of touch allows for a unifying experience. Everyone is welcome to share a couples massage, sisters, friends, partners, everyone will enjoy the close, yet relaxing, time together; it is the perfect way to let your guard down and able to enjoy sharing another’s personal space. This can be the perfect gift for Valentines Day, birthdays or any other special occasion that you want to share. Was £100, Now it is £50 for 50 Mins * Massage (50% off) Book Now!