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Head & Shoulders Massage Manchester

The head and shoulders are parts of the body where stress and muscular tightness can build up. Head and shoulders massage focuses on the soft tissues of this particularly susceptible area of the body bringing both rapid relief and relaxation. To assist in the free movement of the therapist’s hands, aromatherapy or massage oils will be used as she works to release the tightness and tension in the head and shoulder muscles. These massage techniques increase blood flow to the area helping to reduce both pain and inflammation. The practitioner will begin the therapy with a general massage loosening up the shoulders, upper chest and back of head.

As knots and trigger points are located she will begin to use deeper pressure with her thumbs, the palms of her hands and fingertips, finally working around the base of the skull. Some therapists in response to certain circumstances may use hot or cold stones to intensify the treatment. Workers who spend much of their working day leaning over a keyboard are particularly affected by head and shoulder pain from muscle tension; a head and shoulder massage will leave them feeling invigorated and able to relax.

Head & Shoulders Massage
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Couple Head & Shoulders Massage
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