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Benefits of Massage
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Enjoy the Benefits of Massage

The benefits of massage have been understood and appreciated by many cultures worldwide for thousands of years, in fact, it is one of the most ancient traditions for healing. Naturally there are many different types of massage therapy to choose from, which may be used to treat or to prevent a range of physiological and psychological conditions. Massage itself is a therapy which consists of largely manual kneading and /or manipulation of the client’s soft tissue, including the muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia to improve well being and general health. The different techniques dictate the intensity, the depth of pressure and the touch applied to the client, according to the style of massage therapy being employed.

Relieving stress

The growing bodies of research into stress management show that massage therapy helps relieve the constant pressure of stress prevalent in our current lifestyle. Not all stress is bad, the adrenalin that courses through our bodies boosting the heart rate when a sudden challenge presents itself is natural, the prehistoric “fight or flight” response. It is however, the constant bombardment of stress that can cause problems, turning stress into distress. This type of pressure can leave the person with different symptoms which include headache, high blood pressure, digestive disorders and insomnia. Therapeutic massage can lower the levels of stress far more effectively than simply resting and should become part of any wellness programme in order to combat pressure and anxiety.

Boosting Energy

The feelings of a lack of energy, lethargy, lack of motivation or the inability to focus are ones that are felt by many people at certain times. It has been suggested for some time now that massage can increase energy by decreasing fatigue, lessening the symptoms that are sapping the person’s energy and thereby making him/her feel better overall. By increasing circulation, massage can improve the sense of general wellbeing making the client feel better and more energetic. Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage and Thai Massage, all of which which use techniques including deep, slow strokes, cross-fibre friction and pin and stretch techniques all lengthen and stretch the muscle fibres to release existing adhesions. Such massage techniques increase circulation, flush lactic acid and bring freshly oxygenated blood to the muscles and help regenerate low energy levels.

For the relief of Sleep Problems

Whilst most people will experience the occasional night of poor quality sleep, for some recurrent sleep loss, or even insomnia, becomes a problem which stops them functioning effectively. Lack of good quality sleep can bring about tiredness of course, but also depression, pain, lack of energy and the inability to make decisions. Even basic social interaction can be affected by poor sleep. Stress and anxiety, or pain, may be at the root of the problem, studies have shown that substantial improvement can be seen in those suffering in this way by massage therapy and many people can regain a state of sleep which heals the body as it is designed to do. A variety of massage therapies have been shown to improve sleep patterns because they help people relax, offer relief from pain, and also stimulate hormones that are conducive to better sleep. A relaxation massage, or aromatherapy massage using essential oils can help promote better sleep at night.

Headache Relief

Many clients find that massage helps reduce or even eliminate a throbbing headache. It is thought that massage may help reduce headaches by the stimulation of the pressure receptors at the base of the neck. A Neck and Shoulders Massage is ideal for this as it can be the tension in this area which can lead to headache or migraine. Alternatively an Indian Head Massage which applies pressure to points initially at the upper back, arms and shoulders, before moving to the neck and head will encourage better circulation and thereby reduce headaches.

Improving Mobility

Whether mobility is restricted because of aging, illness or injury the remedial effects of massage therapy are well known. The types of massage used to increase or maintain mobility are Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage and Therapeutic Massage. Reducing muscle restriction and increasing muscle elasticity by loosening and relaxing through the techniques of deep strokes, kneading and myofascial release contributes towards an increase in the range of motion, relieves arthritic pain, improves balance, improves circulation and reduces muscle tension, joint pain and stiffness. The therapists employ a variety of techniques to address individual problems, tailored to individual requirements.

Massage Therapies available at Manchester Massage

Massage therapies offer both physical and mental benefits. Each client offers a unique challenge for the therapist and the range of treatments are therefore extensive at this Manchester salon. If your problem is not discussed in the review above of the therapies available, please call and discuss your needs with one of our highly qualified therapy masseuses.