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Swedish massage has been the massage of choice for clients over many years, it is acknowledged as the ideal way to ease muscle tension and contribute towards re-setting postural problems. Postural problems may have developed because of repetitive motions involved in some work patterns or working at a computer and crouching over a keyboard, resulting in the over-use of particular muscle groups; or perhaps the posture results from the body compensating for an injury to a different part of the body.

A Swedish Massage treatment is regarded as an all-purpose massage which is based upon Western ideas and understanding of physiology and human anatomy. This massage stimulates circulation, releasing tightened muscles, relieving pain and aiding mobility. The therapist will lubricate the skin with massage oil and then use a range of massage strokes to warm-up the muscles, release tension and relieve knots and adhesions within the muscle.

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Swedish Massage FAQs

The massage strokes follow the muscles in the direction of the blood flowing towards the heart with long, smooth strokes. Swedish massage includes five primary movements which are the circular pressure which the therapist applies by the hands and palms; a firmer kneading; a percussion-like tapping; bending and stretching. Clients are requested both before and during their Swedish massage session to speak to their therapist so that their massage is bespoke to their specific needs.
The main strokes and movements are basically the same between these two massage therapies, but the intensity and pressure of them is different. The Swedish massage is done by the therapist primarily using hands and fingers, employing smooth, gentle strokes and because of its less intense nature is popular for those wanting to relax and relieve tension, whilst the deep tissue massage affects the deeper muscle tissue structure.
The light to medium pressure of a Swedish Massage is delightful to most people and the release of tension should not cross the line to the tensing of the body’s muscles which occurs when the client experiences pain. Discuss with your therapist just how much pressure you prefer and feel free to monitor the levels of pressure used as you may feel differently over the massage session. We want our clients to gain benefit and relaxation from their experience and your massage is always, all about you!
In the country of Sweden this massage is known as the “Classic Massage” and in fact that is an extremely goods description as many other massages are based upon the classic movements which form the basis of the Swedish Massage. Relaxation is the main thing sought by many clients choosing a Swedish Massage, it soothes the muscles and improves the circulation, helping to keep the tendons and ligaments supple, but overall reduces both emotional and physical tension. Working on one part of your body at a time, the therapist keeps the rest of your body covered to keep you warm and comfortable. With your muscles stretched and stroked for an hour, or possibly two, you will unwind and may even become sleepy.
Generally speaking a Swedish Massage covers the whole of the body, please see above, however if your feet are particularly sensitive then you can ask the therapist to not include them.
All clients are requested to accurately complete their Treatment Form before their massage stating any medical conditions, past and present and medications currently prescribed. The gentle style of the Swedish massage is suitable for most people, but if you are, or think that you could be pregnant please let us know before the massage begins.
The most popular bodywork for relaxation and decrease of tension is without doubt the Swedish massage. This specialised massage technique focuses on the muscles and soft tissues, easing pain, reducing headaches, improving blood supply and therefore oxygen through all parts of the body, thereby enhancing alertness, a sense of wellbeing and reduction of stress levels.
For a one-hour session where the therapist provides a relaxing Swedish massage and the client has time for a shower at the end, Manchester Massage charges just £25, or £50 for a 2-hour appointment.
A full body Swedish Massage will cover the legs and feet, arms and hands, neck, back and shoulders, plus the stomach and the areas around the breasts, but not the breasts themselves or any parts of the body below the waist excepting thebuttocks. Clients can specify if there is any part of the body at all that they are not comfortable having touched and this should be brought to the attention of the therapist.