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Hot Stone Massage
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Hot Stone Massage Manchester

The hot stones used in this massage technique are often basalt, a type of lava rock, as they retain the heat, in fact hot stones have been used for different traditional therapies by many cultures including the Japanese, Indian, Egyptian, African and Native American for thousands of years. It is often incorporated into other forms of massage as an aid in deepening and intensifying the treatment.

The stones are warmed and massage oil is used on the body to help the smooth movement of the stones across the skin; for example, in a Swedish Massage the hot stones may be held in the hands of the therapist as she massages. Alternatively, the stones may be placed on specific areas to centre on points of muscle tension or on energy centres to assist in rebalancing the mind and body. The warmth of the stones promotes the client towards deeper relaxation and stress reduction, draining tension and easing the pain of soft tissue damage. Becoming extremely popular in the last ten years for its restorative effects it is also known to promote a most refreshing sleep following treatment.

Hot Stone Massage
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