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Many people regularly enjoy a massage as they know that such therapy not only affects their body but also their mind as it relieves the stress and anxieties which we tend to suffer from in this fast paced world. Some individuals find that a deep tissue massage relieves the knotted muscles and aids relaxation, others find that an aromatherapy massage is most beneficial. It is a matter of personal preference which of the many therapists works best.
Following an injury in the gym or other sporting activity, many are advised to seek a well-qualified massage therapist who will be able to enhance recovery. A suitable level of massage will be discussed and subsequently used appropriately to the muscle damage or other injuries. Massage is not a replacement for medical care but can promote healing.
Every client is unique and whilst some prefer a light and soothing massage, others enjoy a deeper and stronger pressure. The client should always establish with their therapist their individual requirements and naturally can speak to their therapist at any time if they wish to alter the level of pressure used or the areas of the body to be targeted.
Many believe that massage improves sleep patterns. Where poor sleep or insomnia are affecting sleep a client may discover that the massage helps relieve stress, pain, and anxiety and thereby improve the quality of sleep. Much research is now being done to establish the benefits of massage and many are showing positive results.
A full body massage where oils are used to facilitate the movement of the hands across the skin to relieve muscular knots and tightness does require the removal of outer clothing. Some clients are not comfortable in removing part of their clothing and so many choose a therapy such as an Indian Head Massage, a neck, and shoulders massage or foot and hand massage. Clients can always check with the receptionist the gender of their therapist.
Recent research, such as that undertaken by interested bodies, indicate that massage increases the levels of Serotonin in the brain, thereby lessening mood or depression.
The range of therapies available at Manchester Massage is wide and clients are invited to browse our services and to discuss the possibilities with the receptionist and or massage therapist. Naturally, your specific requirements will indicate more than one alternative and you may enjoy pursuing one or two alternatives to find which you benefit from the most.
Over thousands of years, different cultures around the world have understood the benefits of massage and have practiced varying forms of this therapy. Asian cultures such as Thai and Indian cultures pass the skills down from generation to generation. Swedish Massage has long been popular in Europe. With the increasing awareness of our wellbeing, many now accept that a regular massage therapy improves both the body and the mind and embrace the chance to make this therapy part of their regular schedule.
Many clients find that sharing a couples massage with a partner, a friend or relative is a way to enhance their relationship. At Manchester Massage we have therapy rooms where two tables are side by side and each client can enjoy their massage from their own therapist. This can be for a special event such as Mother’s Day, Valentines Day or a birthday, or indeed simply to share time together.