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Four Hand Massage
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Four Hand Massage Manchester

A four-hands massage, where two therapists work simultaneously on one client, using synchronized moves, is a popular therapy because of its intensity. A four-hands massage has been compared to experiencing two full body massages at the same time. Our experienced massage therapists will take the client’s body and choreograph slow, intricate moves, varying the speed of the movements and the pressure, working in tandem.

The effect of two therapists and four hands massaging your body simultaneously naturally affects the mind in a different way. Initially the temptation is to track the individual movements of the therapists, where each masseuse is and what she is doing, the mind attempts to retain a logical order in the head. However soon the rhythm of the four hands causes the client to succumb to total relaxation. It is particularly beneficial for clients who have previously found it difficult to completely relax during treatments.

Four Hand Massage (2 therapists)
Was £120
Now it is from £59 for 50 min
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Four Hand Massage (2 therapists)
Was £240
Now it is from £109 for 1 Hr 50 min
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