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Oil Massage Manchester

Oil Massage Manchester

Oil Massage Manchester

A Thai Oil Massage is a version of the traditional Thai massage using the deep rhythmic movements with a firm pressure along meridian or energy lines of the body. Using warm or hot oil this Thai massage reduces tension and swelling of the muscles, toning and conditioning them, improving hair and skin condition and is also therapeutic for improving sleep quality, easing arthritic pain, improving itchy skin and other benefits.

A hot oil massage treatment aims to unblock and re-balance the body’s natural flow of energy, it is a restorative treatment for the wellbeing of the whole body. The properties of specific oils used allow the therapist to glide over the body, stretching, applying firm pressure through both the rhythmic massage and rolling techniques. Ideal for clients who endure high stress levels and need the invigorating or balancing properties from this treatment, or those who prefer a treatment using firmer pressure. This treatment can be very powerful with benefits including improved flexibility in joints and muscles, deep levels of relaxation, lessening of muscle pain, stress release and an intense feeling of wellbeing.

£40 for 1 hour Massage

£75 for 2 Hours Massage

£65 for 90 Minutes Massage

£25 for 30 Minutes Massage