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Massage Courses in Manchester, UK
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Massage Courses in Manchester, UK

Massage is an essential treatment for many people as it can be used for relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, and as a form of recovery for various injuries. Here at Manchester Massage, we offer a range of massage courses Manchester based to help you begin your career as a massage therapist or to enhance your already existing skills and techniques. Our expertly qualified and highly skilled teachers at our Manchester massage training school will teach you all there is to know about massage, the ideology behind each service and the various techniques used in each treatment along with regular practices on models and volunteers to ensure you are confident in your new skills and provide a massage to the best of your abilities.

What courses are available?

At our Manchester Massage Academy, we offer a wide range of classes for various massage treatments whether you are new to this industry or are looking to improve your skills. The beginners Manchester massage courses can be attended by therapists without any previous massage experience and include:

The advanced therapies provided at Manchester massage training centre require qualifications in Swedish massage and other treatments first to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to complete the course. These courses include:

What do the courses involve?

Our Manchester massage centre is one of the best training facilities in the North of England and you are guaranteed a successful course which will teach you all of the necessary techniques, skills, and ideology you require to achieve your qualification for each massage. Book a course at Manchester massage school today and in no time at all, you will be able to perform expert massages to a professional standard.