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Head and Shoulder Massage Course
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Head and Shoulder Massage Course Manchester

What is head and shoulder massage?

The head and shoulder massage target the upper half of the body to release stress and tension build-up which most commonly occurs in desk and office workers. On the head and shoulder massage course Manchester, you will learn a range of massage techniques to apply to clients to relieve pain and give stress relief to these muscles. You will also learn how to effectively massage the scalp to enhance relaxation and stimulate the nerves to calm tension and relieve headaches and migraines. This is one of the most sought after massages, making this head massage course near Manchester an essential part of your skillset.

What does the course involve?

  • Understanding the body’s problems
  • Learn a massage technique using the fingers and palms which releases tensions
  • How to safely and effectively work out the knots in the neck and shoulders
  • Learn the specialist technique to massage the head
  • Learn when and how to incorporate massage oils and essential oils
  • Learn the aims and benefits of a head and shoulder massage

On the head, neck, and shoulder massage courses you will learn everything regarding this specialist massage technique and how to perform it on clients to a professional standard.

What techniques do you learn?

  • For the head; light slapping motions, light hair pulling and neck ‘cracking’
  • Use varying amounts of pressure to target the tight muscles in the shoulders
  • A long and slow stroking movement to be applied on the neck and shoulders
  • Kneading the muscles to work out the knots and release stress and tension

During your head massage training courses in Manchester, you will learn various massage techniques to be used and you will be taught how to understand the client’s needs to ensure you perform the most beneficial service. A regular massage can improve posture, reduce stress and improve wellbeing and so it is important you learn the basics of a head and shoulders massage.

Does this training course involve all parts of the upper body?

Yes, this course specifically focuses on the head, neck, and shoulders to provide pain relief in these muscles.

Do I need to bring a model with me?

No, you will be able to practice on models and other students during your course.

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