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All About Deep Tissue Massage

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 31 Dec

Although massage of various types date back to the ancient civilisations, the method of deep tissue massage was not employed till 1949 with the first clinic being set up in Canada. Physiotherapist   Therese Pfrimmer  was looking to treat herself for leg paralysis and used extra pressure and penetration and found out the deeper she penetrated the muscles the more beneficial it proved to be,  eventually getting the feeling back in her legs.  She then opened the first ever deep tissue massage clinic. Manchester deep tissue massage is exactly what it says  it is a massage that penetrates deep into the muscles and tissue.

The practitioner well gently warm up the outer muscles  and once they are pliable and malleable they will dig deeper down to work the muscles deep inside.  It is said that deep tissue massage is an amalgam of  various techniques and uses a bit of everything incorporated such as Swedish massage, Thai massage,  Sports massage and Lymphatic drainage. The main difference is that Deep tissue massage is most effective for the pain relief aspect of things. Though as you will find out if you go to a deep tissue massage Manchester practitioner there a  few   less mainstream techniques of this type of massage.

Other deep tissue massage Manchester therapists may use

Cupping dates back from ancient Chinese  where a heated cup is placed on the skin and a vacuum suction is used to drain toxins from the muscle tissue.  There is also Cross-Fiber friction, which is a specialised technique which is used for people suffering from chronic muscular tension as it works across the fibers of the muscles. Another method that might be used by a Manchester deep tissue massage practitioner is Trigger point therapy which is pressure applied deeply on certain trigger points on the body, then releasing the pressure in order to flood the body with fresh blood which surges through that area making your limbs feel warm and invigorated. This technique also features in  Thai massage.

Balinese and Indonesian massage include deep tissue massage with Myofascia release. Fascia tissue surrounds every muscle and release is managed by a stretching technique releasing tension, relieving pain, which is deep inside the body. As you can see quite a few therapies to overlap from time to time.