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An Introduction To Deep Tissue Massage

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 08 Jan

If you are new to receiving any sort of massage then you may be wondering what the main differences are and what exactly a deep tissue massage is , if it is best suited to you as an individual and the sort of symptoms and discomfort you are currently suffering. The history of this type of massage may help you understand it as a useful treatment for chronic pain and muscle disorder.

Although certain massage techniques have been used throughout the ages by the Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians deep tissue massage techniques were not developed till the middle of the twentieth century by a Canadian physiotherapist who used a deeper more penetrating style of massage to treat her own leg paralysis and slowly but surely she brought feeling back towards normality. She then opened a clinic to specialise in her new found methods of massage. This method of massage is often used when other techniques do not deliver an adequate amount of relief from chronic pain.

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Many athletes and sports persons prefer this type of massage which is in many ways similar to the more gentle Swedish massage as they use similar strokes with the deep tissue massage Manchester city centre therapists . The significant difference is the hands and fingers penetrate deep into the tissue, muscles , tendons and fascia. This extra pressure that is being applied stimulates blood circulation releasing tension and promoting the muscle to heal as well as giving protection against further injury.

This means it is a proactive treatment as well as a reactive one. Though there is a lot more intrusive penetration the process should not be painful, possibly causing a little more discomfort than the traditional Swedish massage. Though if you have a low pain threshold, it is important for you the inform your therapist if they are hurting you, as this is not how it should be. The way it works is the practitioner softens the out layer of tissue and then that gives them access to muscles and tissue deeper down.

The patient should help acquiesce by breathing normal and not tensing their muscles, keeping them as relaxed as possible. This enables your Manchester deep tissue massage specialist to penetrate deeper without undue resistance. This aids the therapist in the conclusion of a successful treatment which will help relieve pain and also be an aid to protection the muscles from future possible damage.