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Browse Our Listings Of Treatments!

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 04 Feb

Whether you are tired, stressed or are in need of recovery from an injury, there are many treatments available and you are guaranteed to find the perfect massage for your needs. Here at Manchester Massage you can discuss your problem with a professional therapist who will assess your issues and determine which treatment will be most beneficial and will provide the best possible results. Many clients attend a regular appointment for the same massage, perhaps a Swedish massage for relaxation, however sometimes it is fun to try something new. With our wide range of services on offer, there is surely more than one treatment that you will love!

Why not try………

The deep tissue massage and sports massage are ideal for the clients who are suffering from muscle tension and pain, perhaps from overstimulation with exercise or due to an injury. These are quite intense options as the therapists deeply knead the knots in the muscles to provide immediate pain relief and improve movement. A head and shoulder massage is a popular option for clients who sit at a desk all day and are struggling with neck pain. The muscles are massaged to release the built up tension and the head massage offers intense relaxation. The oil massage can be either gentle or more robust as requested.

The aromatherapy massage uses essential oils along with massage techniques to heighten the sensations and offer many more benefits than simply relaxation. The hot stones massage involves the application of hot volcanic rocks along your body to release tension and improve wellbeing within. There are massages on offer that originate from all over the world including the Thai massage and all the different techniques and principals have been developed and improved over the years, to create the best service that is tailored to each client’s needs.You can even book a couple’s massage, in which you can both choose different treatments, but still enjoy their company in an intimate and calming setting.

There are so many incredible massage services available in the UK and here at Manchester Massage you are able to find the perfect treatments for you that provide a range of impressive benefits. From relaxation and pain relief to improved mobility and flexibility, there is guaranteed to be the ideal service for you. Book a consultation today and discover the selection of massages that you can try right away!