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Browse Our Listings Of Treatments!

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 04 Feb

Come on! It’s easy to get in a rut, no matter how comfortable it is and always going for the same massage treatment can fall into that category too! Enjoying the regular massage is a great thing for everyone’s wellbeing and if you have particular issues then there can be a good reason for getting that deep tissue massage every couple of weeks because you know it works!

But if you are one of the lucky ones without a specific injury who comes for a treatment at Manchester Massage as part of your personal wellness plan, because you love a good massage and feel uplifted afterwards, then we would encourage you to let these talented therapists show you their stuff. Because they are all skilled in a variety of massage techniques and you will have a great time learning how these practitioners can make you feel by experimenting in a Thai Herbal Massage compared to a Swedish Massage!

Massage practices originate from all over the world and some of these disciplines have not changed in essence for centuries, in fact are still practiced today in homes as part of their day to daylocal culture. Sometimes clients come back from a holiday to India, Japan, Thailand or the Nordic countries and have tried a massage there and ask if we do something similar such as a Thai massage or the Indian Head Massage. Of course we do! Our masseuses simply love to perform different massages. So, let’s see if we can interest you in trying a Hot Stone Massage, a deeply satisfying and therapeutic treatment that can give effects as rewarding as your usual deep tissue massage but with the addition of the warmth of the hot basalt stones which makes it effective without a hard pressure and very popular in winter too!!

Why go for a full body massage when really it is your feet and lower legs which are suffering? Many people stand all day because of their work and a foot massage will bring immense relief to these overworked parts of the body when they get treated to a massage especially for them. The same goes for the hand massage of course. Options which include the Couples Massage are something special to share, or treat yourself to the legendary Four Hand Massage; but do take a look at our specialist massages and try something new in 2021!