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Help Manage The Effects Of Dementia

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 30 Sep

There is an aging population meaning there are often a whole host ailments that need to be managed . As well as the need to temper dementia there are many other conditions associated with age  that massage can help alleviate symptoms. A high proportion of those over seventy fives that are in hospital or care homes have dementia to varying degrees. In some of these medical institutions they have started incorporating massage into the treatment for the condition.

However, as people age they have various complaints and massage can help for a multitude of things associated with old age.  One thing the elderly often miss is the human touch, bringing on the feeling of insecurity and decreased sensory awareness. Obviously even just a light massage would negate that problem.

Types of massage to help the elderly

As the most familiar contact is holding hands, a simple hand massage can do the trick and even after just five or ten minutes a positive reaction can be seen in a dementia sufferer as it promotes physiological relaxation with the reduction of Cortisol, which is as stress hormone. A decrease in agitation and agitated behavior is often apparent after just ten minutes. The main benefit of a massage for the aged, especially dementia suffers is relaxation and the reduction of anxiety.  The slow stroke massage is perfect for this.  

During a slow stroke back massage the palm of the hand moves along in long firm rhythmic strokes sometimes tracing a figure of eight on both sides of the back. It has been noted that this method promotes sleep, decreases anxiety, reduces obvious signs of agitation such as pacing up and down, it eases pain as well as decreasing heart rate and blood pressure, which indicates greater relaxation.  A foot massage is something most elderly would be receptive to, this also has the effect of reducing anxiety and stress as well as decreasing pain as promotes sleep. It also provides that all important physical contact that many older people yearn for.