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Improve Cardiovascular Health With The Help Of Massage

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 15 Oct

Massage has proved to be affective for  relieving muscle pain, tension headaches and for the relief of anxiety and stress, but research is showing that it can greatly help in improving cardiovascular health.  Massage can be a proactive tool in helping to manage high blood pressure and this helps patients to lower their risk of heart disease, and kidney failure.  Survey show the massage can help control blood pressure.

Massages can be beneficial for cardiovascular health  

Swedish massage which is the most popular  technique used. It is also a good introduction to massage as it is quite gentle on the body.  As well as improving posture and enhancing flexibility it is also beneficial in reducing stress and improving blood and lymph  circulation as well as help to manage high blood pressure.  

Thai massage has certain benefits when it comes to cardiovascular health as it improves circulation, this in turn lowers the chances of blood clotting and helps the control of blood pressure  Other forms of massage such as hot stone massage and the more vigorous deep tissue massage may not be advisable if the patient is on medication that thins the blood, which may be the case if they have already been diagnosed with heart problems.