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Manchester Massage – New Safety Measures

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 12 May

As we are all aware life has been very different in the past few weeks and whilst we are all eager to get back to being able to visit shops, hairdressers, beauty salons and massage salons, we do know that when they are open again, for quite a while to come we will all have to be extra vigilant about social contact. With this in mind Manchester Massage is already preparing to ensure that your visit to us in the future will be safe.

While we are waiting for the green light allowing us to open once again, Manchester Massage is just about finished with an intense deep clean. Performed by one dedicated cleaner for reasons of personal safety, it takes time to do this sort of cleaning all alone, but working thoroughly on every item of furniture, equipment and surface, the whole area is being cleaned and disinfected.

This is of course in some ways the easy part; it is when we open to the staff and the public that we will need to be conscious of every process and we are reassessing how we do this on a day to day basis. We may receive government guidelines to help us, but we are already thinking ahead.

To minimise contact we may stagger appointment times or ask clients to wait outside until called, rather than assembling in the waiting room. If this is required, we would ask our clients to help us with this change in arrangements.

When you are invited to come along to the massage room, clients are asked to avoid touching surfaces as much as possible, but you can be assured that they will all be receiving an intensive wipe down following client changeover.

When you enter the massage room please wash your hands and feel free to use sanitiser.

If you feel more confident wearing a mask or gloves, we are happy for you to do so. Our staff may also wear PPE in the future.

To avoid contact with cash we would appreciate clients booking online wherever possible or paying by card.

As with current procedures we do not use pillows, but prefer rolled up towels which are of course single use, this will be maintained and the massage beds will be disinfected.

This is just an indication of how seriously we are looking at a safe future at Manchester Massage. For YOU – For US – for EVERYONE!