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Massage Can Help To Improve The Balance Of Aging Adults

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 27 Nov

One problem the world is having today is how to deal with an older population and to keep them moving and as independent as possible. Massage therapy can tackle a range of health issues relating to old age and consequently keep them moving as freely as possible. Regular professional massage integrated into a health care plan helps with a range of issues and helps stability whilst tempering the effects of dementia, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis. In general regular massage therapy should help promote a better quality of life.

Research has been done using control groups and the evidence suggested that those getting an hour of massage once a week over a period of six weeks was beneficial and showed significant improvement in balance and had   benefits in both neurological and cardiovascular related issues. Massage can help realign muscle imbalance  as well as alleviating pain in arthritic joints, therefore helping overall mobility.

Types of massage for the elderly

The  most common massage is Swedish massage, this can be a quite gentle therapy as it involves soft long kneading strokes  as well as shorter rhythmic tapping strokes. These methods help relieve muscle tension and can have the double effect of being relaxing and energizing. Other more gentle forms of massage are reflexology which helps to promote health and well being. Another massage type which helps boost your mood and relieve pain  and muscle tension is the soothing Aromatherapy massage. Depending on the age of the person techniques such as deep tissue massage may be a bit vigorous and have too heavy a touch. Visit Here –