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Massage For Stress Relief


Stress is a symptom of the society we live in at the present time. The pace of life is so fast especially in our larger cities. This can have a detrimental effect of the health and well being of an individual. Various types of massage therapy have been found to have a positive effect where it comes to reducing stress levels and lowering blood pressure which an indicator that relaxation has set in and stress has been reduced. Those with a hectic business and family lifestyle should consider taking an hour each week to have some sort of massage therapy and reap some longer term health benefits as a consequence.

Types of massage for relieving stress

The most popular type of massage is the Swedish massage which is more gentle type of full body massage. Those first trying massage are drawn to this as it tends the be gentler and less invasive. However, even though it is of a gentler nature it is still a very effective therapy and a treatment many are drawn to if they have a lot of tension and have sensitivity to being touched in a more vigorous way. Swedish massage is an ideal choice for relaxation and managing minor pain, It is also ideal for people who are being introduced to massage therapy for the first time.  Another effective treatment is Aromatherapy massage with the use of essential oils.

There is evidence that it boosts your mood and reduces both stress and anxiety as well as having other benefits.  For someone who is unsure whether they will like a full body massage then a chair massage accessing your neck and shoulders is perfect for relieving stress and tension. If time is of the essence for you then this takes just fifteen to twenty minutes as opposed to an hour or more for a full body treatment.