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Massage to Help Manage Lower Back Pain

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 15 Nov

Lower back pain is one of the most common issues with people who work at a desk all day, who lift heavy objects or suffer due to an injury. There are many forms of massage which can relieve pain and stress, especially when targeted right at the source for quick relief and incredible long lasting results. Each massage is tailored to the clients’ needs to ensure that the pain level is taken into account to provide an essential service which gives relief almost immediately. The lower back muscles are stretched and massaged to realign the muscles, provide pain relief and improve your overall wellbeing.With a regular treatment you should feel stronger, more mobile and pain free!

There is a variety of massage services on offer here at Manchester Massage and for lower back pain, the most popular option offered by the therapists, is the deep tissue massage. This effectively targets the affected muscles to work on the knots and ease the tension to relieve pain in the body. A Swedish massage may also be offered which involves using long strokes with varying amounts of pressure, to not only relax clients but also to relieve stress and tensions in the muscles. One of the most popular options is the Hot stone massage which is also highly effective in this instance.It involves a rhythmic sequence to apply pressure to the body, plus the warmth of the volcanic stones, focusing on the area in need, in this case the lower back, to create immediate pain relief.

There are so many fantastic massages available for lower back pain at Manchester Massage, that a discussion with a fully trained and skilled massage therapist is advised to discuss your individual issue to determine which treatment is ideal for you and will guarantee the best possible, long lasting results for incredible pain and tension relief.