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Massage To Help Manage Lower Back Pain

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 23 Jul

There are an awful lot of man hours at work lost through lower back pain. This is most commonly caused by work related issues. back pain is the largest cause of disability in the United Kingdom with lower back issues contributing to over ten percent of the total disability of the population of the country. For more serious cases then the long term remedy is surgery. However, massage therapy is used extensively to help realign some of the muscles and relieve chronic back pain as well as making improvements in the general condition.

A variety of Massage techniques can help lower back pain

Trigger point massage therapy is one of the techniques that can be employed to work on and alleviate the symptoms of lower back pain. Trigger points are small irritable muscle knots that cause pain and tightness. Some of this tightness is caused by lack of oxygen to the area causing inflammation and adhesion to muscle structures around it. In such cases a deep massage at the trigger point in the lower back region is targeted by a penetrative massage. Shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage as well as Swedish massage which is the most common general all purpose treatment for easing muscle tension. A back massage targeting any of the seventy plus different muscles in that part of the anatomy will ease some of the symptoms away as the light compression technique used will gently warm the area and loosen the offending muscle group. During this type of treatment the trigger points will also be targeted.