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Massage To Help Relieve Chronic Neck Pain

POSTED BY ADMIN | massage | 28 Jun

Neck pain is quite common and is not usually serious it often eases on its own or with some form of treatment; most commonly massage. If it is of the non serious variety it is often caused by whiplash or tension as well as muscle spasms. It could also be due to a slipped disc or cervical spondylosis. Neck ache can range from pain and stiffness to something that may cause dizziness and blackouts. Massage is a treatment that can completely get rid of neck pain. A common cause of neck pain is a frozen neck where massage treatment alone can improve you quality of life by reducing pain and restoring full movement.

A variety of Massages that can reduce neck pain

Quite an obvious massage treatment for neck pain is the chair massage. Patients sit on a specially designed chair and is  treatment is directed at the neck shoulders and upper back. The customized chair is used, where you straddle with your chest against the back allowing easy access to the neck shoulder and back. The massage is concentrated on the areas of need. This is also a good option if you are short of time.   Swedish massage is the treatment many choose for a variety of things from pain relief anywhere on the anatomy to stress relief and an improvement of blood circulation. It is also deemed as being particularly good for neck pain relief in particular. Acupressure is also a way to treat neck pain Shiatsu is a technique which employs the acupressure points. It is also a technique that relaxes the body bringing the obvious benefits that entails as relaxation takes away some of the tensions that contribute, not only to neck pain but to painfulness in general.